Black, Blue, Brown and Green,

Some shallow, some just to deep.

Lingering around their world to settle,

On anything that captures the heartbeat.

Through shaded curtains of lashes,

They peep into the crowded street.

They force themselves shut into darkness,

When the sun gets hot or the world, bitter.

They sometimes read, what lies beyond,

Through the prosthetics, in the heart.

Some dry like desert, in search of a drop.

Some like the ocean, wetness spilling out.

Some like paintings, rich with colours.

Some like books, written with blood.

Damaged, Nourishing, Excited and Depressed,

The deeper you go, the more can be found.

Eyes are like maps for deserted souls,

Taking you straight to the oasis they hold.


Whispers To The Eternity

Billions of stars floating above,

Billions of feelings floating beneath.

I walk with them each day everyday,

With each step towards eternity;

Few years in a million I have and I will,

Live and breathe, and sleep and dream.

Infinite like me have come and gone,

But I hope that you will remember me;

I wish I could jump and leap over years,

And reach to what they call the ends,

Only to see what I look like from there.

I wish I look like a star,

Burning and shining in the dark,

Among many others like me,
Having their own story and beliefs;

Every moment I make a Whisper to the eternity,
Hoping that one of my words would be enough worthy,
For it to scribe me into its sparkling blue-black diary.
So wherever it goes and whenever it stops,

It would see me right there,forever shining.

Be that star

A few good words to say
A few pretty smiles to create
That’s what makes it beautiful
To spread love everywhere

Every soul is tired
Fighting through the darkness
Just one candle is enough
To lighten up a thousand
The garden of world
Needs just one rose
To spread its sweet smell
Even when its stepped upon
One warm look is enough
To scare away the cold
One smile is enough
To enlighten someone with hope
Be that star in the night
That directs a wanderer
Through their deserted life
Towards the rising sun
Full of hope
Shining through the sky
Filling up the darkness with its light.


Through days and months I traveled,
Walking away from you with each step
Into the dark, through the void, escaping your light;
And then one night, through the window by my bedside a ray of your light crawls in,
As smoothly as you did when you came into my life,
Tearing through the darkness you made your way,
To my heart and sent warmness through my vein,
Into my blood washing away the cold;
I couldn’t help and wept,
For how long I don’t know;
Through snobs and tears I traveled,
With each step getting closer to you
Into my past with your memories,
Escaping the darkness
Back to the light ,back to you
Only to crawl back away.

Last letter

With ink and paper I sat once again
Trying to draw portrait of a lady;
With silver words I describe her eyes
Too deep to swim, too beautiful
To not drown for a while ;
Voice so pleasant like a violin’s tune
Dancing with the rhythm of the air that flew;
With her followed her smell so fine
Like roses dipped in honey, strong and divine; Lashes like feathers falling gently up and down
Hair quite dark like a forest yet to be found;
With a knock I was pulled back from my thoughts,
At my door she stood, it was almost dawn;
Hair now grey and body fragile,
But the beauty was still there never leaving her side ;
Five silvery decades with her I had survived; Still I am awestruck when I look her in the eye, This is my last letter to my beloved wife,
Telling her how beautiful, she made my life…!!

Silent Cries

Tonight I write with my heart’s blood
The tale of my misery
The blood in my veins is all dried up
I wonder how my eyes still remains wet
I cover myself in my quilt
And snuggle as much as possible
My breath gets heavier with time
And my heart beats go lighter
My pillow is pressed hard
By the weight of my thoughts
Its cover is now soaked in tears
That my eyes had quiet for long bore
To my pillows I whisper of the pains
That keeps tearing me apart
The saddest part of the story alas
Is that my cries has been sustained
To reach across my wants
For to the world it would be mere pretention
To as they say “gather their attention ”
So I cry all night pretty quietly
Lying down on my warm bed
While the moon,the stars and the night sky
Stands beside and merely stare.


Her name like herself shred beauty divine,

For what she was called was Rose.

Words like fragment smelt so fine,

I’d watch her speak for the rest of my life.

Skin so soft like a petal that fell off,

Onto the fountain water,floating above.

Cheeks were peachy and deeper they got,

With every new feeling that filled her heart.

Cheeks for once did get red,

It was when she cried and I still regret.

Eyes so glassy like running water,

A sink in them and so pure I’d get.

Oh Rose,she would fright the moon itself,

For when she smiled she spread shine everywhere.

A thousand thanks from me to the God,

For making her what she was,so sweet so pure.

In a world that chooses hatred and thorns,

I’d choose her a thousand times and more.